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Five departments jointly issued the "Management Measures for the Demonstration of the Creation of Chinese Time-honored Brands" to cultivate and expand a number of "century-old stores"

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Sheng Qiuping, vice minister of Commerce, said at a special press conference on "Promoting the innovation and development of time-honored brands and promoting brand consumption" held on the 1st,China is the world's second largest economy, the second largest consumer market and the largest trading country in goods,We have the conditions, ability and necessity to cultivate and grow a group of our own "century-old shops".。

To implement the decision of the Party Central Committee and The State Council on inheriting and developing the excellent traditional Chinese culture,Promote innovative development of time-honored brands,Promote brand consumption,近日,The Ministry of Commerce, together with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the General Administration of Market Regulation, the State Administration of Cultural Heritage and the State Intellectual Property Office jointly issued the Administrative Measures for the Demonstration Establishment of Chinese Time-Honored Brands。In the next step, the Ministry of Commerce will pay close attention to the deployment of a new batch of Chinese time-honored brands identification, review the existing Chinese time-honored brands, regularly carry out assessments, and implement dynamic adjustments。On this basis, we will further establish and improve the long-term mechanism for the protection, inheritance and innovation and development of time-honored brands, continue to make solid moves and hard moves, and wipe the "golden signboard" more and more bright。First, we will introduce more supportive policies,Focus on intellectual property, historical sites and cultural heritage,"Soft and hard combination" to strengthen the protection of time-honored brands;Focus on skills, culture and talents,"Treating both symptoms and root causes" to improve the heritage system of time-honored brands;Second, build a platform for promoting exchanges,We will build a number of collaborative innovation centers for time-honored brands,Hold the "time-honored lecture Hall" and the executive forum,Concentrate superior resources to solve development problems,Promote the time-honored brand products and services, production techniques, marketing methods of comprehensive innovation;Third, we will hold special promotion activities,Continue to run the "time-honored Carnival",Promote the holding of time-honored brand expos,Focus on traditional festivals,Coordinate online and offline,Promote the time-honored brands into thousands of households and into the lives of the people。

Sheng Qiuping introduced that at present, China has 1128 Chinese time-honored brands and 3277 local time-honored brands, of which 701 Chinese time-honored brands have been founded for more than 100 years, and the oldest Beijing cheap Square has gone through 607 years to today。From the perspective of industry, these time-honored brands are widely distributed in more than 20 fields such as food processing, catering and accommodation, and resident services, including fuel, rice, oil and salt, as well as piano, chess, calligraphy and painting。In terms of scale, the annual operating income of national time-honored brands exceeds 2 trillion yuan, playing an important role in consumption promotion, industrial upgrading, cultural guidance, and national confidence。From an international perspective, it is also common to attach importance to the protection and support of time-honored brands. In 2022 alone, more than 1,300 companies in Japan ushered in the "centennial birthday", and half of the German companies listed in the 2022 Fortune Global 500 have a development history of more than 100 years。

Time-honored brands are the "golden signboards" that were bred in the development history of China's industry and commerce.,Long history,Unique products, techniques and services passed down through generations,It has the outstanding traditional cultural characteristics of the Chinese nation and profound historical and cultural deposits,Gain broad recognition in society,Form a brand with good reputation,It has high economic value,It also has rich cultural value,Has become a part of the people "daily without noticing",It is indispensable in building socialist modernization,It plays an important role in meeting the consumer demand of residents。

Sheng Qiuping pointed out that the Party Central Committee and The State Council attach great importance to the innovation and development of time-honored brands, and have incorporated "Chinese time-honored brands" into the national project catalog of demonstration activities。The introduction of the "Measures for the Management of the Demonstration Creation of Chinese Time-honored Brands" is to earnestly implement the relevant work deployment of the central government, strengthen the demonstration creation and dynamic management through the "three outstanding", and release the innovative vitality of time-honored brands。Highlight the "best of the best", from the deep history and culture, management norms, innovation and development ability outstanding three aspects, design quantitative identification indicators, the real good brand to find out。Highlight the "demonstration and leading", especially emphasize the representativeness and driving of enterprises, and put the integrity management and standardized development in a prominent position。Highlight "dynamic management", strive to build a number of well-known brands, establish a number of benchmarking enterprises, and continue to open the "door" to those who meet the conditions;In case of problems, management measures such as interview warning shall be taken in a timely manner until withdrawal, so as to promote high-quality development of time-honored brands。

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